The gates will open at 10:00 a.m. and the first band will start at 11:00 a.m.  The event will be going strong all day until dark. It will be a day of christian music, fellowship, food and fun for all ages.  Come and get revived!


Ashley Lagunas: Blessed with a voice that is tender and invading, Ashley Lagunas’s music exists to bring hope and courage to the heart of every voyager sailing their sea in life. Her songs are an overflow of her relationship with God. Each song is unique and reflective of her writing style in her ability to funnel God’s truth-translating into hope for the listener.

Ashley Lagunas has a passion to see hearts impacted by God through music. “I hope that when people hear these songs, they experience the God who loves them and the hope that is found in Him. That is my prayer for these songs.” 

Ashley currently lives in Dallas, Tx with her husband and daughter. 

Listen her  new album.




24 SE7en Band: a local band with a big passion for music. they define their music as Gospel for your soul.





Jill Brandon- Jill Brandon is a passionate vocal performer from Mineola, TX.  

She has recently teamed with the recording label New City Gospel Records (Buffalo, New York) as she works towards creating and sharing more music.

Jill is also known for performing at the Alter Ministries Women’s Conference for 4 consecutive years, performing for the International Country Gospel Music Association (West Plains, Missouri), Performing alongside multi- winning Christian Hip Hop Artist Of The Year Exalt at The International Christian Motorcycle Association Colors Rally, as a worship leader for Grace Fellowship Ministries (Winnsboro, TX), and for being a previous member of The Worship For The King Tour.  Visit Jill Brandon´s website






EXALT- Exalt has a catchy vocal melodies and hard hitting beats that are fun.





Crowned In Grace- We are Crowned In Grace and have been a ministry for about 10 years. Hattie Watson plays leaf guitar, Candice Mize plays keyboard and vocals. Robert Strong plays drums and Cajon. Laci Caviness is a vocalist.

Our heart and passion is to lead people to the feet of Jesus through worship. We believe that the most powerful moments with God happen during praising His name. We play youth revivals, church revivals, camps and discipleship now weekends.  We really play wherever there is an open door!  

Follow them in Facebook here


Finding Grace: A group of friends known for their roots in Texas Red Dirt Country have all found themselves leading and playing music for their worship praise teams at their church homes. This is what sparked a side project for country rock band Finding Shade and launched the development of “Finding Grace.”




My name is Cheyenne McILvain, I am a 15 year old Christian Country Artist and I love to sing about Jesus!

I participated in my 1st concert at the age of 4 in DeKalb County , TN. Singing  in front of large crowds was easy  for me as long as I could see my mom.

After we moved back to Texas I sang at local churches, flea markets, nursing homes and festivals with Lost Sheep Ministries.

I was 7 when I started wanting to sing Christian Country music after something very terrible that had happened  made me open my eyes about how much Jesus really loves me. Since then, I have enjoyed singing at Revivals, Festivals, Benefits, Youth Events, as well as Cowboy Churches and Rodeos.

At age 8 , I was baptized and realized my purpose for being here was to spread Gods word through music.

Kids Care Ministry is a new work for Christ that will help with needs in our community. I want to thank Jesus and all the positive influences in the Christian Country Music Industry.




Trio San Nicolas Hidalgo: a Mexican Huapango style that shares God´s love trough music. 

Trio San Nicolas Hidalgo shares his music everywhere, they had been invited to the radio, weddings, graduations, revival campaigns, etc.






Jermaine Jackson 

Raised in the east Texas, area Jermaine Jackson used to be a lost young man with dreams of making it big. Low on self-esteem and basically just trying to fit in, I finally hit rock bottom. In 2003, I truly met Jesus Christ and my life completely turned around. A new found relationship with God, a beautiful family,and a call to ministry thru speaking, music, acting, I now use every talent God has allowed me to express His message to the world. Proverbs 3:5,6




Adolphus Harrison- Hello I am Adolphus Harrison, I’m from West Africa Liberia.

Here’s a little bit of my life story, I lost my mom at a very young age I never knew my dad at all, I was raised by my mom.

I had hard times in life and finishing school because my mom could not afford the money for school so I had those times that I won’t go to school for a year or two.

To make this short I lost my mom when I was 10 that’s when things started getting hard for me. After my mom death I thought that that was the end of my life because she was the only one I had to look up to for everything so I started to question God why me day after day. My older brother put into a adoption home, I was there for almost three years because of age it was very hard for me to get adopted I couldn’t stay with my brothers and sisters because they had their only family to take care of that’s was the reason why I got put into a adoption program.

My passion for music started after I came in the United States from there on God started bringing people in my way I got saved a summer camp 2012 this is not the end of my story just thought to share this with you.

The Church of Garden Valley Worship Team